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Project of the month: Kerrock in the Metlika retirement home

Project of the month: Kerrock in the Metlika retirement home

An advanced solution for the retirement home.

In the company Kolpa d.o.o. Metlika, we express our gratitude and support to Slovenian retirement homes, the employees and the management who took care of our elderly citizens during the coronavirus epidemic with great commitment and sacrifice.

Therefore, we designed a prefabricated and rapidly installable bathroom called the QuickQube with the use of Kerrock material. This bathroom provides a solution to the lack of space and necessary renovations and upgrades, especially in facilities such as retirement homes and hospitals.

The prefabricated bathroom from Kerrock features wall cladding, a washbasin, a shower and a folding stool. Kerrock is a durable material that is resistant to impact and abrasion, easy to maintain, flame retardant and does not absorb liquids. The surface is even and without visible joints, ensuring aesthetic appeal.


Advantages of a prefabricated bathroom:

  • an alternative to wall tiles – full-format antibacterial Kerrock tiles,
  • minimum number of joints,
  • no water absorption,
  • dry and wet assembly,
  • a range of modern decor,
  • sustainable construction – renovation of the surface and the extension of the lifetime,
  • use of recycled materials.

QuickQube kopalnice so v celotni narejene iz kerrocka, ki zagotavljajo:

  • sustainability,
  • resistance to water and moisture effects,
  • non-porousness,
  • a pleasant feel,
  • the simplicity and efficiency of cleaning and maintenance, due to minimal joints and special treatment of the joints,
  • an antibacterial substance that destroys and prevents the growth of bacteria.

The fast and versatile installation of the QuickQube is perfect for larger facilities such as hospitals, retirement homes, student dormitories, etc.

Designed for tomorrow. QuickQube.

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