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Enter a new era of Kerrock material

Enter a new era of Kerrock material

Kerrock: a range of new products brings a breath of fresh air

After years of anticipation and dedicated development, it has finally arrived – we are proud to introduce our latest collection of colours, vanity tops and bathroom fixtures! This is the moment that interior designers, architects and connoisseurs of premium materials have been eagerly waiting for. Kerrock is ready to impress with innovative products that will transform any space.

New Kerrock sheet dimension

A major innovation of Kerrock is the possibility to produce panels up to 1600 mm wide, allowing even more flexibility and innovation in design.

The new Kerrock colour palette – freshness and elegance

After years of dedicated research and development, we are introducing new colour collections that will signify a new chapter of interior design:

Uni: These colours bring a feeling of freshness and subtle elegance to any space. The pastel shades are perfect for creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere that soothes and delights.

Terrazzo and Granit: Classic colours that never go out of style. Terrazzo and granite patterns give a feeling of permanence and prestige, ideal for those who appreciate timeless beauty and durability.

Natur Collection: The new Natur colour range brings the charm of natural marble and wood decor. These colours fuse the aesthetics of nature with superior functionality, allowing you to create warm and welcoming spaces with an organic feel.


Kerrock ECO – the sustainable innovation has finally arrived

After years of development, we are pleased to introduce 4 new Kerrock ECO colours that contain waste Kerrock panels. These sustainable colors are ideal for projects that prioritize environmental responsibility while maintaining high visual appeal. Kerrock ECO makes reducing waste and promoting sustainable use of materials easier than ever.


Washbasins, vanity tops, custom washbasins, kitchen sinks – eagerly awaited innovations

Welcome our new arrivals! Our washbasins ensure functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics and allow for different pairings and adaptations to fit any space. The washbasins bring a breath of fresh air and innovation to bathroom and kitchen design.


Bathroom fixtures – new addition to the Kerrock range

We have expanded our range to include bathroom fixtures, including bathtubs, shower trays and shower columns. These fixtures combine cutting-edge design, quality and functionality to ensure that your bathroom is an oasis of comfort and elegance. Kerrock now offers bathroom fixtures that meet the highest standards of modern living and bathroom aesthetic requirements.

New Kerrock website identity and new General Catalogue

In addition, we have redesigned our website, which now offers an improved user experience and access to a wealth of information. We have also launched a new General Catalogue, which comprehensively displays all our products and solutions and makes it easy to search and browse.

After much anticipation and dedicated effort, Kerrock is finally introducing the new collection. Committed to innovation, sustainability and timeless aesthetics, Kerrock offers solutions to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Whether you’re remodeling your home or embarking upon a new project, we offer everything you need to achieve exceptional results.

For more information, visit our website or contact our consultants who will be happy to help you find the best solution to fit your requirements.

Kerrock. Infinite power of imagination.

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